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Post-election prayer

November 9, 2016


The post-election reality is here: Donald Trump won the election for President over Hillary Clinton. I have friends who voted for both candidates.  Looking at my Facebook and Twitter feeds, it is clear that many are troubled by the divided nature of this political season and the results of the election. What shall we do?

This is a time for prayer. What shall we pray for?

Four years ago, I posted this to Facebook after the last presidential election:

No matter if your candidate won or lost last night, remember that what makes this nation great should not be about the loudest political rancor. What makes our nation great is our history of shared resolve to advance the common good.

May you pray this post-election prayer: 

God of All Nations, Lord of Hosts,
As some grieve, and others celebrate
help us to know that we are divided.
In our division let no hate, evil, or harm
come from our mouths, hearts, or actions.
Help us to know that there are no wins or losses in division. 

By the power of your Holy Spirit,
compel us to understand that true community
is founded on unconditional love of neighbor.
Like the Good Samaritan,
aid us to see the broken as your beloved children.
Like Saul before he was Paul,
aid us to change when we persecute others.
Like Zaccheus,
may feel conviction and make restitution when we have wronged others.

Where we see differences and disagreement
let there be open tables and open homes
to the oppressed, outcasts, downtrodden, and marginalized.
Let there be open tables in our homes for those who we don’t agree with.
Let there be open tables in our homes for those who don’t look like us.

Bring our nation together to heal
and bring us together for the common good of all.
Bind us by the name of Christ Jesus
so that as brother and sisters,
we can walk together in love. Amen.


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