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November 15, 2016


I’m moderating #chsocm on Twitter tonight @ 9:00 p.m. If you are a church-ie social media type, just join in on Twitter with the search and hashtag #chsocm. It’s pretty easy to join in. Just keep #chsocm in your search on Twitter and follow the conversation.

My topic tonight will be centered around social media listening and responding post-election: 

T1: What are you hearing on social media from your audience/church after the election?

T2: Post-election, how have you utilized social media to reach out to your church/audience?

T3: What tools/websites/services have you used to address your church/audience’s needs?

T4: At what point are offline conversations needed to respond to personal/cultural online responses?

T5: What can we do as a digital community to enhance our non-digital interactions to support one another?

A lot of you are wondering, “What the heck is #chsocm?” It’s Church social media. #ChSocM (ch-sock-em) is a weekly Twitter-based chat about using social media to build church and faith. Welcoming, informative, ecumenical. Tuesdays, 9PM, ET. Commentary, interviews, transcripts, and fun stuff on the blog.

My good Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest friend Meredith Gould started the Twitter chat topic/community. It has grown into a weekly meet up for lay people, pastors, seminarians, and social media church geeks (that includes me).

Don’t be a non-participate observer! Join in! (I loath the word “Lurker” or “lurking” for social media listening.  See you tonight on #chsocm!

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