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The Truth Catches Up with Ergun Caner

June 28, 2010

For several months and years, there has been speculation about Ergun Caner, Dean of Liberty University’s Seminary.  Caner rose to Baptist fame under a flag as a Muslim extremist convert.  It is clear that he was a Muslim, but not the hardened terrorist he made himself to be.  FBC Watchdog and others have a cornucopia of audio sermons and facts that prove Caner was not engaged in “jihad” but was a normal American Muslim for a time. If you want the whole saga go here.

Secular media outlets reported on this story and The Washington Post posted this report this past weekend:

A Baptist minister who toured the country to talk about his conversion from Islam to Christianity is no longer the dean of Liberty University’s theological seminary following allegations he fabricated or embellished facts about his past, the school said Friday.

The university founded by Rev. Jerry Falwell said that a board of trustees committee concluded Ergun Caner made contradictory statements. Although it didn’t find evidence that he was not a Muslim who converted as a teenager, it did discover problems with dates, names and places he says he lived, a statement said.

A June 30 date was set to release this information but it appears that Liberty wanted to do this on a weekend where it would not get as much press. Liberty’s statement regarding the timing of Caner’s dean duties and deciding on administrative action is interesting:

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