Alan is a strong young leader and pastor. He has great abilities in visionary leadership, creating collegial relationships, preaching and pastoral presence.

– Ray Schooler,  Director of Development & Church Relations at International Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA

Alan is one of Baptist’s rising stars. He has an excellent grasp on diversity, Baptist polity, culture and context, preaching/writing that is theologically sound and prophetic, and is seemingly willing to camp on the edge of ministry and thought. I have much respect for him as a colleague and friend.

Alan Rudnick is one of my favorite go-to people for sensible, reliable, and well-articulated commentary about being and doing church in the 21st century. He pays close attention to credible data when writing about politically-charged topics and puts forth his opinion in a way that welcomes civil debate.

– Meredith Gould, Author & Digital Strategist and Communications Consultant for Mission-based Organizations

Alan is one of those rare individuals with a wide range of gifts. In addition to his pastorate and calling to ministry, he is also a talented writer, social media strategist, and denominational leader. His outgoing personality draws others to him.

– Kim Shimer, Director of Communications at Villanova University College of Engineering

Alan produces one of the most well written blogs on the TU Blog portal, constructing powerful yet fairly argued points that inspire readers to think and discuss. He is very charismatic both in writing and in person, and carries himself in a welcoming yet professional way. He is one of the best in the region when it comes to using Social Media to effectively market his brand, and is very active in local social networking and technology groups and conferences.

– Stephanie Snyder, Social Media Strategist at Walrath Recruiting and Blogger at Albany Times Union